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Carmel Ridge Drystack
Canyon Gray- Hackett
Canadian Sand-Hackett

The Carmel Ridge Drystack is layed tight with no mortar joint, and has earthtone colors that are easy to match, this is our top seller!!

Canadian Sand- Hackett has a Sandstone appearance similar to the sand in the Canadian River.

Canyon Gray Hackett has slightly light to darker shades of gray with a mixture of Med. Brown

French Villa-Rustic Blend is a unique stone blend of light Brown, med. Brown, & Black ledgestones along with darker shades of Buff Fieldstone's, this Stone Blend gives the appearance of an antique French Villa.

Aspen-Split-faced Fieldstone has a mixture of light brown and Charcoal to give a very natural appearance

Drystack- Summit White is layed tight, with no mortar joint.  

Drystack- Summit White
French Villa- Rustic Blend
Aspen - Split- Faced Fieldstone



Drystack -  Summit White
Canyon Gray- Hackett
Drystack - Winter Gray
Golden Harvest- Hackett

Drystack-Summit white is layed very tight with no mortar joint.  Very WHITE!

A Sandstone appearance with shades of brown and black.

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
                     Actual product may vary.
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